Tuesday 2 November 2010

Guide to various types of masks [TIPS]

1. Firming Mask

As the name implies, it firms and tightens the skin's surface. It is massaged into the contours of the face where elasticity is lost. The mask also increases blood circulation to the face, bringing vital nutrients to the skin. Refrain from talking, smiling and making facial expression during application. It pulls the mask and causes wrinkles.

2. Whitening Mask

It deeply clarifies and renews your skin. When used regularly, it helps to diminish the appearance of liver spots, scars and pigmentation, and at the same time brighten the skin, leaving it glowing with natural radiance. Be really careful when selecting whitening mask. Some products may contain bleach for immediate effect. This can harm your skin in long run.

3. Scrub Mask

It helps to keep skin clean by exfoliating and purifying, making it easier to absorb skincare products better. Excessive use will cause dry skin. Refrain from using more than once a week. You may skip this if you use exfoliate facial wash once in awhile.

4. Peel-off Mask

Mostly they are gel-based and is used to lighten the skin by closing open pores and smoothening out the skin. When the mask dries, it can be peeled off, getting rid of blackheads, dead skin cells and facial hair too. Some comes in different ingredients such as bird's nest mask, collagen mask, aloe vera mask, etc. Read instruction carefully before applying.

5. Radiance Mask

Helps dull skin to restore its natural glow. Enriched with vitamins and minerals, it moisturises and tones the skin giving it a more radiant appearance. For organic substance, radiance mask can be substitute with egg white. Apply egg white on your face and leave it to dry up. Then rinse. You can get the same effect at a more economical price.

6. Clay / Mud Mask

Best for oily skin. It dries in a short period of time and helps to detoxify skin. This type of mask opens up the pores and removes blackheads. In addition, it absorbd excess oil on the skin which is known to cause pimples and acne.

7. Hydrating Mask

Used to moisturise the skin by restoring its natural oils. Comes in rich creamy texture with high water concentration. A very important mask to apply at least once a week. For more economical option, apply gel from aloe vera and then rinse off.


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