Tuesday 8 September 2015

I'm back! A quick reflection after watching Inside Out a Movie by Disney and Pixar

Hi all, 

It's been a long time since I last blogged... I know... and I would like to say sorry and that I am so glad to be back. 

I also know by right this post should be on some new cosmetic or beauty item. But, I wanted to talk about some else for a change since this blog is after all about beauty.

I want to talk about the movie "Inside Out" by Disney and Pixar. To be honest I had no interest in watching the film. No whatsoever and the trailer did pique my interest either. What convinced me was my quirky and sometimes takes life too hard friend's post on facebook.  I did not expect that she would be moved to tears for such a movie and I decided to watch just this Sunday. 

I have to say I loved the movie. It hit a part of me that I think I had forgotten, that said I would really recommend that you give this movie a try if you feel that you have not reached a level of cynicism that you cannot return from. 

That said stay tuned to my next post which will be about a beauty product from "this works"

{SPOILER ALERT - do not read further if you have not watched the movie and don't want it to be spoiled.} 







What this movie evokes was emotions. Do you remember the time when you were a kid and life was so simple? In this movie you only had the base emotions of anger, disgust, fear, sadness and joy.

As the little girl transcended from a child into puberty she had a moment where she lost her "core memory" which were all Joyful  memories and this inherently changed the person she was. 

It made me think, have I lost this joyful core memories? I feel like I have. I worked so hard and such long hours this part one and a half years. That when I decided to resign for reason that I shall not disclose and when I finally thought I was free and had a week of rest. However at this time something disturbed me. I realised that I was lost. I lost me. I didn't know what made me joyful anymore. I forgot what made me passionate. However of us have worked till we have lost what made us unique? Are you even brave enough to admit it? 

There was no such thing as 'it's complicated', where we believed in the impossible and nothing was unachievable, were we believe that there is goodness in the world, imagination. There was no cynicism, where thoughts of "life is not fair - deal with it","there is no such thing as a fair world", "don't expect kindness from another", where "everyone is a liar", and where you must always watch you back. 

There is fear and a hardness to us now that wasn't there. It's most probably because of responsibility, obligation and life's hard knocks. 

Because of the jadedness that have come into my life and stayed there. This movie really hit me hard and made me think... What was I that I dream of? Have I lost sight of myself? Am I the person I want to be? Did I kill a part of myself chasing a ghost or illusion? 

All of life's lessons. The death of someone you love, being cheated on by a friend, lover or even family, being betrayed, being left behind, all these memories and experiences shape us. How much baggage do we carry around from this memories? Are they affecting us and how we carry on in our lives? Hell yes! 

We/I should take a page from the movie and put this memories in long term memories but not in the subconsciousness. We should not even put these memories in the "memory dump". We learn from our experiences we should not let this memories turn us bitter and jaded but joy. For we got up and dusted ourselves off and moved on with our life. We just need to not let it fester. 


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