Wednesday 18 April 2012

L'oreal Powercell Repair with Lactic Acid 10ml Expert Serie [Product for SALE]

I'm selling 1 (one) vial for RM 20.00

1 vial per treatment/dose


Powercell Repair with Lactic Acid (L'oreal Serie Expert Power Repair B)
Please note L'oreal has changed the name.

Powercell Repair with Lactic Acid is a single-dose repairing treatment for very damaged hair. To be used after shampooing as an instant repairing treatment for fragile, brittle, sensitised and devitalised, lifeless hair.

Provides complete renewal and intense strength for chemically-damaged hair.

L'Oreal Serie Expert Treatments target the cortex (Zone C) to neutralize weak, negatively-charged keratin bonds that have been broken down by a chemical process.

The hair's internal structure is reinforced with reduced porosity, optimizing a color or smoothing process for radiant shine and long-lasting protection of color.

Each single use vial is .34 oz/10ml

Lactic Acid is able to create saline bonds between the keratin chains exposed in the cortex of damaged hair fibres. AS if transformed, hair is left soft, supple, with a natural-looking shine.

Direction of use

Towel Dry Hair after Shampoo. Place a few drops at a time in the palm of your hand, rub palm together and apply through hair especially on middle length and end section by section or You can pour the treatment into a miniature spray bottle and spray it on your hair. (Personally I prefer this method. I get the product more evenly distributed onto my hair) Then massage.

Using a wide tooth comb to comb through hair. Leave products on for 5 -10 minutes. (Absolutely no longer than that). Rinse well and the difference will be instantly noticeable. It is recommended to using this product once a week for the ultimate condition and gloss. Especially if you have just colored/relaxed/straighted/permed your hair.

PS: The directions for use are my own as that if how I use the product. But if you search the net its generally the same.

PSS: It works better if you combine it with a hair mask.

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