Friday 28 September 2012

Make way! Online Beauty Store LUXOLA now ships to Malaysia! [LAUNCH]

Hey Peeps!

 For you makeup and beauty product lovers out there who loves brands such as:
Fear no more! You no longer need to bemoan the fact that these brands don't ship to Malaysia or wait for ages until your friends who travel's overseas to buy them for you. You can get them yourself from Luxola! (Guess who's doing a jig now XD) If you check out LUXOLA's website you'd see that some of the products you heard of but never seen here in Asia are sold exclusively on Luxola.

You can check Luxola out here:


Now you'd wonder how I'd know this? Well... I got invited to LUXOLA's launch in Malaysia at a beautiful place called Villa Samadhi in Kuala Lumpur near Jalan Tun Razak.

  Its Beautiful!

LUXOLA is an online beauty shop that is based in Singapore and since its launch last week it now ships to Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore.

When you first visit this site you have the option of choosing the country. Once you've selected the country all the items on the site which change to that country's currency.  Convenient for shopping right? 

Best of all if you purchase over RM 190 you will receive free shipping! Don't have enough $$? Then pool money and buy it together with your friends or family. But wait! What if I just want to buy an item or two? Don't worry Luxola will still ship to Malaysia for RM 30.00. For the other countries such as Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand you can check out the shipping page for more information.

Luxola currently uses DHL as their preferred shipping partner and so, you will receive a tracking number from DHL when you purchase from their site. Deliveries to Malaysia will take about 2-3 days. So say goodbye to the weeks of waiting for our package to arrive from overseas, the worry of wondering if it will ever arrive and the sky high cost of shipping! (shudder @_@)

Luxola also has an online magazine section such as DIY tutorials and information on products that are available in Luxola website itself. I find this very useful when I want to purchase something but don't know what to pair it up with or how to use it.

Last but not least, drumroll please.....

The section that never fails to catch the eyes of shoppers everywhere... The SALE Section! (of course!) 


And what is on sale but the DUO eyelash glue! 

Its on sale for only RM17.50. If you've seen my previous post you'd know that this is my preferred eyelash glue for fake eyelashes and that I previously bought this glue in Malaysia for RM 40. So for a price RM 17.50 at Luxola its a steal!

Face Atelier - Facade

I love this product! I got the chance to try it out at the launch when they brought some of the items they sold on their website for us to try. 

Now you might be wondering what is so great about this product? Its actually a great blush for beginners and for those who want a natural soft, translucent glow similar to Benefit's Benetint only better! 

Why you ask?

This is because the products goes onto your skin as a light liquid in texture and takes about 20 seconds to set into powder giving you time to blend and buff to insure you end up with the perfectly highlighted cheek or stained lip! Which is what makes it so great for beginners.

NP : RM 112.50
SALE: RM 72.50 

Paperself Eyelashes

I received this in my goodie bag. I haven't gotten the chance to use them yet. Since they're made of paper I wasn't sure if I can reuse them so I'm saving them for Halloween >_<

How to use them? Just the same way you use every other fake eyelash just more gently.

NP : RM 70

Now the launch, I'd like to share some great photos of the event with you.

 Jess, Joni, me, Jerine and Nicole

All the goodies to play with 

Everyone chatting

 Sara Happ - The Lip Scrub in Creme Brulee
OMG! its smells so good it was all I could do not to lick it off my lips while using it.
Price: RM 72.50

 The goodie bag

 Face Atelier - Ultra Foundation
Price: RM 199.50

Face Atelier - Facade
Price: RM 112.50 (NP) RM 72.50 on sale now

Mario Badescu - Special Cucumber Lotion sample
Price: RM 100 for 236ml retail bottle

 me trying out: Mario Badescu - Special Cucumber Lotion

 Models Own - Nail Polish
 Price: RM 30 each

 Edward Bess - Travel Palettes - Back to Basic 
Price: RM 222

Sleek Makeup i-Divine Eye Primer Palette
Price: RM50

 Sleek Makeup Sunset i-Divine Eye Shadow Palette
Price: RM50
Sleek Makeup Storm i-Divine Eye Shadow Palette

Price: RM50
Makeover using Luxola's products

Products used in Makeover

Now before I go I'd like to let you guys know that Luxola is having a competition to become the face of Luxola.

All you have to do is submit your picture here and you stand a chance to win a photoshoot + makeover + beauty hamper! 

So what are you waiting for? Go and enter! I know I'm going to do it! So please vote for me too XD

PS: Stay tuned as I'll be putting up posts on the things I received from Luxola as well as a makeup tutorial using some of the product I received from Luxola. 

Cheers mates and see you soon.

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