Thursday 8 November 2012

Sleek Maximum Impact Eyeshadow - Nude 971, Is it really Nude? [REVIEW & SWATCH]


I've finally reached the last makeup item I received from

First, I have to say compared to the other Sleek products I've seen, the packaging for the Sleek Maximum Impact Eyeshadow was a total let down. I was hoping for a Sleeker (is that a word?) look to it. Instead it looks quite cheap in the build though not necessarily the colours used.

The colour for this pot is Nude 971 with 2.6g of product. Though I have to say honestly... this shade is nowhere near nude. On the upside the pigments in this pot is similar to most sleek eyeshadows in that its highly pigmented. 

Now for the shade in question, while it's not nude it is a pretty shade of brown with a slight pearly sheen and a hint of bronze and burnt wood. However due to the nature of the pearly sheen (in the swatch below) this shade would not be suitable for mature skin as an all over colour. It would only highlight the wrinkes not mask them.

Sleek Maximum Impact Eyeshadow - Nude 971 Swatch

So overall:

PROS: Highly pigmented, good quality product and good lasting effect with prior application of eye primer. Lasted at least 3 hours with just applied intensity and then smooths down and lasted another 4 hours or so. 

A flexible shade that can create good smoky brown makeup. It's suitable for an all over the eye shade for most skin shades (especially if you are tanned) or for the select few who are very pale, a good shader colour.

CONS: The name of the shade is not a true indication of the actual shade that applies on skin. Might not suit mature (wrinkled) skin.

Sleek Maximum Impact Eyeshadow: Nude 971
Retails: not a clue, I got it for free

PS: Stay tuned there will be a Day Smoky Brown Makeup Tutorial using this palette inspired by the Autumn 2012 trend by soon.

Click "HERE" to watch the tutorial

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