Monday 31 December 2012

Back again from the dead and the PC Blowup nightmare! Hope its the last for awhile

Hi Everyone, first off I'd like to apologize for not posting for so long. My only computer which is a Desktop PC crashed and burned! (I think, I smelled plastic burning) Since I'm broke I resorted to buying only parts that were not destroyed or  had died and went to PC Heaven.

As a result I lost 1 of my hardisk which had almost all of my newest and some not so new videos and pictures for my upcoming blog posts. So I'm so sorry that you will not be receiving must post this month of December and January. It doesn't help that its the holidays with Christmas and New Years and it'll be bit difficult to get my PC repaired and re-installed with all of the softwares required for editing.

With not further ado please watch out for my next blog post update with the October Edition of Vanity Trove. 

Again I'm so sorry to all my fellow readers and thank you for continuing to support me. 

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