Thursday 14 March 2013

Vanity Trove March 2013 Malaysia Edition: Temptress... What did I receive in the box? [SHOW and TELL, VIDEO]

Hi all,

I have something to let you guys know! Vanity Trove has come to Malaysia! Well it actually came to Malaysia last month in February 2013, but I only subscribe for it this month. I was so impressed with February's Trove that I wanted to subscribe to March 2013. You can check out what's in the February Malaysia Vanity Trove box HERE

Lo and behold, just as I was going to subscribe to it and guess what happened? VT sent me an email asking me if I wanted to review their box and the products it contain! @_@ I was like "wahhhhhh" this must be heaven sent. Not only that! They are giving me 2 month's worth of boxes to review. Which I now have to say bless you after checking out the VT March's box. (You'll understand why below)

As most of you know, I've subscribed to VT Singapore for 6 months last year and I have to say the initial boxes were fantastic.

Now on to the box, For the month of March 2013 the theme for Vanity Trove Malaysia Edition is "Temptress" 

Lets get on to "What did I receive in the box!" 

First I'd like to say that in terms of its outward appearance its exactly the same as the Singapore box.

A nice mix of items, cosmetics, and something for the face and body

1. Kanebo

  • Lunasol Skin Fusing Powder Foundation with SPF 20 PA ++ in shade Y002 - 0.6g.... For the link click "here"
Retail: Casing only with sponge : RM 60
          Foundation Refill 10.4g : RM 140

  • Lunasol Smoothing Makeup Base 2 pieces/ 1g each... For the link click "here"
  • Kanebo voucher for 45 minutes makeup lesson or makeover

2. Timeless Truth

  • TT Orchid Extract Replenising Mask (not the Whitening Mask featured) 

Retail: Per Piece : RM 10

  • Voucher for 20% off for next purchase

3. Asian Potions

  • Blooming Body Lotion (as least that's what I hope it is) no clue as to ml either
Retail: Per bottle of Lotion 250ml : RM 89

  • Voucher for a 10% discount on a Full size Asion Potion Body Lotion or Designer Aromatherapy Candle.

4. Etre Belle

  • Sensiplus Hydrasilk Gel Tonic - 2ml/0.68oz
  • Sensiplus Hydrasilk Day and Night Cream - 5ml/0.17 oz
Sensiplus Hydrasilk Gel Tonic 140ml : RM 138
Sensiplus Hydrasilk Day and Night Cream 50ml : RM 188

5. Others ^_^

b.Liv by Cellnique

  • Blackheads Sebum Gel (clear black and whiteheads in 14 days painlessly) sample 3ml/0.1oz


  • Bio-Energy Firm and Brighten Eye Cream SPF 15 - 3ml

Verdict, thoughts and my 2 cents...

Pros: The pros for this box is definitely the fact that it has a nice mixture of products. There is something for the face (facial care and cosmetics) and body. There are also some really good brands inside.

I also love the interactive site where you can vote for the things you like and build your own beauty profile. This is a form of survey of Vanity Trove to know what products the subscribers like and love. So when you get an account with Vanity Trove please make sure you build your beauty profile people.

Cons: I have found several cons with this box. First for the price of RM 60 it's too pricey for everything to just be samples that could possibly only last a week with the exception of the face mask. 

Second, the items in the box have nearly nothing in common with the theme "Temptress". I was expecting something in line with "Temptress" maybe a dark or scarlet lipstick or nail polish, or dramatic falsies, heck even eye shadows to create smoky looks. 

Third, while I do like the concept of their vouchers. I would have preferred that they gave us redeemable vouchers for things like foundation, base, BB cream etc. That way its a win-win for both the product company and us as we get the proper shade of product that's suitable for us, the subscribers. Instead of just discount vouchers that we might not use. 

Fouth, while I love love loveee the extra products that were given  that were not in the card, I'm at a loss at to how to use them or what they are. Example I love that I got a makeup base from Lunasol but I had to search for the website to be sure as to what it was and how to use it. For the link on the product click "here"

Lastly while I love the sample I received for Asian Potions, the sample bottle was not labelled as to whether the product was actually the one listed in the card.

Final thoughts...

To be frank, I am quite disappointed with the box especially after reading reviews of the February Edition. But I've seen great things from Vanity Trove and hope they do not disappoint with the April Edition which is "The Shower of Summer".

With that being said see you next time.


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