Wednesday 17 April 2013

Vanity Trove April 2013 Malaysia Edition: The Shower of Summer... What did I receive in the box? [SHOW and TELL, VIDEO]


Hi peeps,

As you all know by now Vanity Trove as I affectionatly refer to as VT came on Malaysian shores in February. This month of April will be the 3rd Edition released.

But as a bonus, VT invited me to an exclusive party where I received my April VT XD I also got the chance to have tea and meet fellow bloggers! Hurrah! 

There's more! POSH! Sponsored a free express manicure for those who attended! Yay! 

My beautifully manicured nails!

Pretty ? (^_^) The colours are Lemonade - Orly (Yellow) and Neely - Zoya (Green - Pixie Dust Collection)  

The brand new ZOYA Pixie Dust Collection available at POSH!

So let's get on to business shall we? 

Now, for the month of April 2013 the theme for Vanity Trove Malaysia Edition is "The Shower of Summer

This time it's a mix of cosmetic, manicure and skin care! 

Now it looks like for this month there is no categories and VT has listed out the items that are being packed. The only exception is that you only receive one of the sample perfumes. 

  • 1st Clarins
White Plus Total Luminescent - Intensive Brightening Serum, Anti-spot, antioxidant (5 samples **no content amount stated*)
RM 295 (30ml)

  • 2nd Issey Miyake
L'eau D'issey - Florale 1ml/0.03 fl. oz
Fruity Fragrance - apples, pears with dashes of peony and sweet pea
RM 255 (50ml) / RM 350 (100ml)
  • 3rd KATE Eye Shadow

 Shade: BR-3 (1.6g)
A shade than can go smoky or fresh for the summer
RM 49 (1.6g)

  • 4th Perkins Nail Wrap
Used in lieu of nail polish! Good for a pair of hands.. Twice!
RM 39.90 (20 strips)
  • 5th Oriks 
Gemstone Nano Platinum Aqua Watery Cream - Moisturizer that smoothens wrinkles, tighten pores and brightens complexion
RM 398 (50g)

  • 6th Kiladoll
Licorice and Job's Tear Whitening Mask

Verdict, thoughts and my 2 cents...

So what do I say?? I'm happy!!! Super duper happy that this month's VT is much much better. The products are on theme, there is a good mixture of stuff to cater to everyone, e.g. nails, makeup as well as skin care and perfume. 

The sizes are pretty darn good in terms of mask, a full sized cosmetic, 1 box of nail wraps that contain 2 sets (wooot!), and two pricy skin care products! 

Will I be around to see what's in store for next month? Yes! Sign me up girls! (and boys). 

I will be trying out these products. As for last months VT I'm nearly done trying everything out. I was thinking in terms of doing a one off video to just talk about my experience with the products as oppose to having a full length editiorial blog. However the will be some pictures of me trying out said products.

So stay tuned! ~

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