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Bio-essence Royal Jelly and ATP Series, Hot or Not? Review and Giveaway! [GIVEAWAY, REVIEW, VIDEO]

Olla everyone! 

The Christmas season is coming and as I've written in my last post I'm going to have a giveaway for the Nourishing Deep Cleanser and a small depoted pot of the Face Lifting Cream! 

Yay!!!! More details and rules of the giveaway will be posted below! 

Now my pretties on to the review...
The Bio-essense Royal Jelly and ATP (Adenosine Triphoshate) Series
  • Deep Cleansing Milk
  • Deep Exfoliating Gel
  • Nourishing Deep Cleanser (Dry to Normal Skin)
  • Nourishing Foamy Cleanser (Oily to Normal Skin)
  • Radiant Youth Essence (a type of serum)
  • Face Lifting Cream (moisturiser)

For more information on these products check out my previous post 

In a nutshell: 

This series contains Royal Jelly and ATP. While I'm not really that well versed in how ATP truly works when applied topically or convinced that it actually benefits the skin when used topically (this means its not ingested a.k.a eaten, just applied on the skin/surface). I am a great believer that honey in all its form works on both the hair and skin.

However I do advise caution! Some people maybe allergic to honey even if its only applied topically as opposed to consuming it.

Royal Jelly's benefit for me in this series of products acted highly as a anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant. 

What is anti-inflammatory?
It's a property of a substance in this case Royal Jelly that reduces inflammation. This means it helps reduce the redness on the face, and helps calm down angry spots such as sunburn, broken pimple, irritated skin etc. 

What is anti-oxidant?
It's a property of a substance that is effective in combating free radicals and reducing it. Most of the effect of anti-oxidant is not seen immediately but over time. 

Most (but not all) anti-oxidants provides UVA/UVB protection, stimulate the production of collagen, alleviate inflammation, protect against free radical damage and neutralize reactive oxygen species. 

To me it means it help combats ageing (lines, crow's feet, hyperpigmentation, etc) = anti-ageing

The next question you are going to ask me is what are free radicals
Well the human skin (us) is contantly exposed to either air, environmental pollutants, solar radiation and other mechanical and chemical agents. All of which are capable inducing the generation of free radicals in us. Our outer skin can also be damaged by other factors such as physical and psychological stress, alcohol intake, poor nutrition, overeating, pollution, UV rays and the list goes on.

Deep Cleansing Milk

Pros: Love it! It takes off light to medium make up like a dream. May require a second application for thick/heavy make up. It even removes mascara and eyeliner. Good to use with any skin type.

Cons: Cannot remove eyeliner that is applied on the roots of the eyelash, that might require a targeted eye make-up remover. I even tried it by applying some product on a cotton bud. The eyeliner did not work unless I rubbed and that is a big no-no!

Deep Exfoliating Gel

Pros: My one true love! It works like magic and removes the dead skin from your face without pulling and scratching your skin as some grainy exfoliators tend to do. Good to use with any skin type.

Cons: None!
Nourishing Foamy Cleanser (oily to normal skin)

Pros: Face feels squeaky clean but hydrated after wash without the skin feeling tight as if its pulling. Good for oily to normal skin but I wound not use this without the Deep Cleansing Gel at each use. 

Cons: Only feels squeaky clean if its used with the Deep Cleansing Gel. I've tried this product twice with out the Deep Cleansing Gel and the skin felt as if there was a film on your face. I really hated that. 
Deep Nourishing Toner

Pros: Hot! This toner does not contain alcohol which is a big plus for me! Its hydrates without stripping. It also does not feel as if you're leaving a film of product on your face. Best used with cotton. But can also be used with bare hands patted on or poured into a spritzer bottle and sprayed on. No funky odour. Suitable for all skin types. 

Cons: None

Radiant Youth Essence

Pros: It truly hydrates the skin. Takes a good week to see results for me. Skin became more radiant and less dull. This product has an oily feeling when you first apply it. Takes about a minute for your skin to fully absorb the product. Once absorbed you no longer have an oily feeling on your skin but instead the skin feels plump!

Its suitable for all skin types dry, oily, sensitive, acne, etc. I've tested it out on all types of skin. But I would recommend different use for each type.

dry: one full pump day and night
acne/oily/oily with acne: half pump night only
dry with acne: half pump day and night

Cons: Face becomes shiny on oily to normal skin after an hour of use. The face becomes shiny even if you remain in an air conditioned room. I don't recommend oily to normal skin users to use it during the day. 
Face Lifting Cream

Pros: Super Sizzling Hot! Just a penny or RM 0.05 cent coin size will do the trick for the whole face. Use a little on the top of your face and the majority on your cheeks and under-chin area. You can see a slight deference with just a single use. At the Bio-essence event I was told that the biggest difference in Malaysia/Singapore for a single use is about 14 degree angle. 

Not so for me. I just had a 2 degree minimization with a single use. Yup.. you got it, its just a slight difference. You can see a shadow of a contour on the cheeks and my chin is not so rounded. 

no makeup on my face (just eyes)

But with religious use day and night for 14 days.... hehehe
my V-Shape face

I have my chin back! and my cheeks are slimmer. 

When you smooth the cream on your face there is a slight burning sensation and I'm glad to report that even with my sensitive skin  that my skin did not itch or turn red. But the burning sensation is present each time I use it (even after 14 days).But its not as bad as having mint on your face. 

Caution: because there is a burning sensation, please do not use it near your eye area, near for nostrils (lubang hidung) and too close to your lips. It really irritates those areas where the skin is thinner and more delicate. 

Suitable for all skin but especially so for dry skin. 

Cons: When you use this product and notice that it does work please do NOT be tempted to use MORE product on your face hoping that it will give you a more dramatic or bigger result. 

What you will give yourself when do you that is not a slimmer face but breakouts! 

Excessive use causes breakout/pimple/acne


Open to Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Brunie and Indonesia readers only.

Giveaway closes midnight 30 November 2013
Winner announced 2 December 2013

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All right my dear readers. That is all for this review and review stay tuned. My next post will be a make up tutorial inspired by a movie coming out this week in Malaysia!  


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