Monday 13 June 2011

Eye spy... secrets... [TIPS]

To conceal undereye circles, start by dotting concealer on the inner and middle area, then pat with your ring finger to blend. It helps if you first “warm up” your concealer on the back of your hand before applying.

The solution to creased eyeshadow: try an eye primer! I recommended it. I love Urban Decay’s Primer Potion... this is especially good if you have oily eye lids or if your eye lids are the type that gets oily as the day goes by. You'll find that any eye makeup you apply afterwards stays in place much longer.

Try out this fool-proof way to line your eyes instead of a single stroke, by pencil or brush try to instead draw a series of dashes with your liner along the lashline, then connect the dots or if you are more confortmble with strokes go for it!

For long-lasting eyeliner that lasts day to night! Trace over your eyes liner with a stiff-bristled shadow brush dipped in dark shadow or you could try some gel eye liners i the market that lasts the whole day. The downside though is that it tougher than usual to take off and it may sometimes stiffen your lashes if you’re the type who likes the lines as close to the lashes as possible.

Shimmer shadows are fun to wear, but did you know it also emphasizes heavy lids and fine lines?! Choose matte if you have puffy, swollen or wrinkled lids, and use shimmer as a highlighter instead on the brow bone.

Brighten your eyes by sweeping a dot of pale shimmery shadow at the inner corners or you use a white eyeliner on your water line instead!

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