Monday 27 June 2011

Sweat With Style [TIPS]

Do you only have time to go to the gym to have a workout in the middle of the day, after work or even after school? What about before you go out for the evening?

If you want to workout, but look good enough to go out at night or go back to work?

There are small and simple things you can do to prevent having to go through your whole primping routine twice a day.

You can…-

Put your hair up before you workout! Smooth it into a ponytail and either braid or bun it.

Wear a headband too! It absorbs sweat and help keep flyaways out of your face.

When you’re done with your work out, keep your hair up in the shower. When you take it down, the braid will leave you with loose waves.

However I know that to many of you the thought of not washing your hair after a workout is gross… so I won’t push this XD. But I thought I’d put it up so that those of you who are truly in a pickle still have an option!


Take off all makeup before you hit the gym. This will prevent your pores from getting clogged. Despite what your makeup says… it still will clog your pores… just think all that dirt and sweat… sheesh.. X(

Post workout (after workout) splash cold water on your face to take away redness and make your pores smaller. But REMEMBER! Make sure you only do this after you’ve cool down. By this I mean that you have stopped sweating.

Because Malaysia has tropical weather if you splash water on your skin when you are still sweating you risk getting “Panau” or “Tinea Versicolor” ( Now I do not know this for a fact (as I’m not a Doctor) but this is what Doctor’s tend to say caused it. (At least that is what I observe).

Your blood is pumping, so don’t rub or scrub your face excessively it may cause you to break out. Try patting or use slow smooth strokes when you wash.

Lastly… your cheeks will have a natural flush so skip the blush and keep the rest of your makeup simple. Your facial pores are still likely open… (especially if you have big pores… sorry girls its reality face it) putting on heavy products at this time could clog up your pores.

So work out! Have fun! and… Still look good!

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