Monday 4 July 2011

Facing reality… [TIPS]

The first thing anyone (and I mean anyone) need to do in order to choose the right product or makeup is to face reality.

If you have big crater sized pores face it,

If you have blackheads on your face, face it,

If you have dark circles face it,

If you have wrinkles even at such a young age face it,

If you have dry skin face it,

If you have small eyes face it,

If you are excessively hairy face it,

Wishing it would go away would not help!

Complaining about it won’t help!

So who can help you?

You! The only who can help you if you yourself and the first step to helping yourself is acknowledging that you have these problems.

Next, if possible find the source of your problem.

Lastly, identify your budget and will power to find the right solution to your problem. Experiment and be brave to try out new things. I have to be honest sometimes experimenting can go wrong and sometimes it goes so well you find the product that is best suited for you.

The advice that I and others give will only help you if you take an active step in rectifying your problem and it’s important to remember that it only serves as guidance. Everyone is different (I mean that quite literally) I’m not all knowing and all seeing. I write and state what I myself have gone through, learned and observed.

That being said I hope you subscribe and be my follower for this blog. It would mean so much to me and it’s my daily motivation to put up new posts. To know that what I’ve said actually helped somebody.

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