Sunday 31 July 2011

Inglot Eyeliner, Eye Shadow, Lip Gloss & Lipstick Review! [REVIEW & SWATCHES]


The green light shimmer eye shadow… love this color, it has that apple shade.

The pink light shimmer eye shadow… once you put it on its slightly darker than pot itself.

And the brown… while it looks quite light here its actually very dark and almost black. If I had to compare it, I’d say it’s almost similar to MAC’s eyeshadow in “Brun”.

PROS: Highly pigmented, cheap and lasts!
CONS: None that I can think of.

Eyeshadow Code: 1st - D.S.477 (green), 2nd - AMC Shine 48 (pink) & 3rd - Matte 329 (brown)
Retails: RM 28 each


It’s a pale, pale pink and its most suitable for when you’re using dark eyeshadows. It has a nude effect without being beige.

It’s moisturising so it doesn’t dry out your lips (seriously important to me) and it lasts quite long. So it’s not imperative that you wear a lip balm before applying the lipstick.

PROS: creamy, hydrating, doesn't chap my lips and beautifully nude.
CONS: May be a bit costly and has a slight sweet smell brand new.

Lipstick Code: 121
Retails: RM 50


Swatch above

This lipgloss is the gooey type. It gives a slight pumping effect to your lips. As you can see I got the shimmer type. But I have to say it’s not too bad, I can use this gloss for the day. It doesn’t give you the look as if you’re wearing sparkles on your lips. Also this colour is deceiving.

For your information: I can’t really wear orange. Most of the time if I wear orange I look slightly off… but oh but how I love the colour and I’m green with envy every time I see someone with fair complexion wearing the colour and looking so lovely in it.

See... people who look beautiful in orange lipstick/gloss

But I have to look no more… while this is isn’t in your face orange… it is still a shade of orange.


On me!

PROS: Highly pigmented, lasting power and doesn't chap my lips!
CONS: Don't really like the application tip but its manageable.

Lipgloss Code: 45
Retails: RM 44


I am so in love with this pencil! It’s so cheap & pigmented! I’ve been hunting for such a long time but I could not find a good White eye pencil. Most pencils has a very light white line when you draw it on your hand and if you use it on your eye you almost can’t see the effect. In which case what is the point of even wearing one? This on the other hand, when I draw it on my water line its visible, even after a few hours with very little to no smudging.

So love it!

PROS: Highly pigmented & super white, extremely cheap for quality and has great lasting power.
CONS: Nothing

Eyeliner Code: 31
Retails: RM 38

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