Sunday 25 March 2012

Eyelash Glue: Duo Adhesive available in Inglot Malaysia [INFO & REVIEW]

Get this!

I found out the Duo Adhesive Glue is available in Inglot Sunway Pyramid for RM 40

It a glue used to put on fake eyelashes.

Why am I raving about this?

Well its a glue that's frequently used by famous video blogs. I've tried it and only use this to put on fake eye lashes now.

Pros: The glue is pretty strong and the fake lashes stay on for hours. Not only that its easy on the eyelid when you need to remove it. Most of the other brand lash glue (especially the free ones that you get with the fake eyelashes) tend to leave reside and pulls you eyelid pretty hard when you try to remove the fake eye lashes. But not this! All I needed way my eye makeup remover or my cream cleanser.

As for how long it lasts, I'm not sure because I don't use a fake eyelash everyday never mind every week. I save it for special occasions. Which nowadays is rare since I rarely get a chance to go out. I still have the glue with me so I would say that it lasts pretty long.

Before Inglot the only way I could get an authentic tube of Duo Adhesive is by asking a friend to buy it for me when she returns from overseas. Which is pretty hard for me because she rarely returns.

So peeps if you're looking for this product look no more. Inglot Sunway Pyramid has it. But you better be quick because I'm not really sure how many they have in stock.

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