Wednesday 28 March 2012

Victoria Secret: Ultimate Makeup Kit [SWATCH & REVIEW]

I'm so excited that I've finally managed to get this swatch out there. My friend bought this for me from the Singapore Airport last year for only RM 107 (taking into account the exchange rate at the time).

This kit contains:

30 eye shadows
5 lip glosses
5 lipstick
4 blushes
1 luminous powder
1 bronzer
1 translucent powder
1 mascara
1 lipliner
1 eyeliner
5 brushes

First! The Eyeshadow

Swatch for the LEFT slot ONLY, from left to right (left to right) and down.

Swatch for the RIGHT slot ONLY, from left to right (left to right) and down.

Review: Love the eye shadows! Most of the colors have the pearly effect. This palette is suitable for youthful skin. as I mentioned in my earlier blog pearly or shimmery colors are not suitable for matured skin because it emphasizes the wrinkles on your eyes. It last for about 4-5 hours without an eye primer and for 12 hours with a primer.

Second! Lip Gloss, Lip Stick & etc

Swatch for the LEFT Column ONLY, from top to bottom.

Swatch for the RIGHT Column ONLY, from top to bottom.

Review: I both both of them! There is a good variety of colors too. The only downside to this that I can think of if that the pot are not that deep and can run out before the eye shadows or powder finish.

Last! Blush, Bronzer, Luminous Powder & Translucent Powder

Swatch for the TOP row, from RIGHT TO LEFT.

Swatch for the BOTTOM row, from LEFT to RIGHT.
Luminous Powder --> Translucent Powder --> Bronzer

Review: The blushes are quite pigmented. A few strokes are enough to stain you cheeks. Also the palettes are close enough that you can easily mix the blushes together to get a different tone.

Luminous Powder: Don't quite like it. It's too white for my face. Even a small dab leaves a white mark on my face. If I use it as a highlighter I need to blend it really well. This is just too much work for me. I really wish it was more subtle for highlighting.

Translucent Powder: Not too bad, its pretty handy when you don't carry pressed powder or loose powder in your bag. It also suits most skin tones well enough. BUT not suitable for someone who's very fair or dark.

Bronzer: Its decent. The formula is good but the tone doesn't really suit my tan at the moment. The bronzer is pretty dark even for my skin tone.

Would definitely buy it again! It superb for at home use or even an all- in-1 kit for emergency use for the office or even travel! A plus for extra luggage space :D

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  1. I have it and I love it so much too!!! The eyeshadows are so creamy!



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