Wednesday 12 June 2013

Vanity Trove June 2013 Malaysia Edition: Obsessive Beauty... What did I receive in the box? [SHOW and TELL, VIDEO]

Hi Everyone, It's Marie again,

I have an announcement to make. My YouTube channel has been de-linked from my user name and as such I can no longer access it to upload new videos. I will let you know when YouTube has resolved this.Its all resolved now. Enjoy the video! Muah**

Second I’d like to say... sorry. I have an exam coming up in July, its because of this that I haven’t been post thing much this last two months. I know... sowwy...

 So please bear with me until my exams are over which will be in the 3rd week of July. That being said...  let get on with it!

In a blogger's collaboration with Vanity Trove, I now present you.... for the month of May 2013 the theme for Vanity Trove Malaysia Edition is "Obsessive Beauty"

1st up : Bifesta
Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover: Hypo-Allergic with Vitamin E 
**no content amount stated** 
RM 26.90 (145ml)

2nd up : Cocolab
Aromatic Body Oil  - contains absolute-no-heat virgin coconut oil with a fruity blend of pure essential oils
 **no content amount stated** 
RM 99.00 (100ml)

3rd up : Decleor
Hydra Floral Moisturising Cream – hydrating cream for 
anti-polutting and deeply nourishing properties for dry skin.
(For day and night, PARABEN FREE) 15ml
RM 98.00 (50ml)

 Decleor :  Voucher for Signature Aromaplasty Facial 
@ RM 98

4th up : Soap Artisan
Natural Lip Balm with Beeswax and Vitamin E
 **no content amount stated** 
RM 12.00 (4g)

Natural Wellbeing : RM 5 off voucher for purchases above RM 50

5th up : Celeb Beaute
Celeb Lash – Jessica (1 pair)
RM 19.80 - RM 22.80 

6th up : Loreal Professional

Loreal Professional Liss Ultimate Shampoo – to repair and smooth the thickest and most rebellious hair 
(contains Olive and Argan oils) 100ml
RM 50.00 (200ml) / RM 79.00 (500ml)

Loreal Professional Liss Ultimate Masque – to repair and smooth the thickest and most rebellious hair 75 ml
RM 67.00 (200ml)

7th up : Payot sample
PayotPurifiying Care and Drying and Purifiying Gel 1ml 

Verdict, thoughts and my 2 cents...

I have 3 words! I LOVE IT! Its the best box so far for me and it just keeps getting better! 

There's variety! Face, hair, lips and cosmetic. Its on theme because the products all targets facial features and issues that most people obsess about. 

Now for my quandary... Will I be around to see what's in store for next month? I sincerely hope so! especially when things are getting good. But we will see since I am still broke as I've taken off work for this exam... sobs

So what you're waiting for? Sign up for a box at Vanity Trove ( Because this is one box that definitely worth the value. Don't you think so? If you don't believe me check out last month's boxes. So far the boxes only keeps getting better. 

So stay tuned! ~  (^_^)

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