Monday 15 July 2013

CUSTOMIZABLE VANITY TROVE! You can now Pick & Choose Your Own Beauty Samples! [LAUNCH AND GUIDE]

Hey all! 

Let's get this post on to a happier place. 

Vanity Trove, Malaysia edition is now customizable!  You can pick and choose your own beauty samples! 

As of the 11th July 2013 Vanity Trove has achieved more than 100 beauty brand partnership and 10,000 new activities. What does this mean for us? More selection! VT is also currently expanding to set up in its 7th country so watch out for that. In line with all this achievement, VT has introduced a new smart system of personalizing the Vanity Trove box beauty discovery.

Now... The question we want an answer for. 

1. What does it do?

With the new system you must first complete your Beauty Profile and preferences.

Then based on this profile and preference, Vanity Trove recommends the products best suited for you.

Click this link to head on to the beauty profile 

You will be prompted to fill up your beauty profile by answering a few simple questions.

How to complete the profile? 

  1. Log into your Vanity Trove account and to go "Accounts".
  2. Click on "Face"and start answering questions.
  3. Continue on to "Eyes", "Body" and "Hair".

How does this new system work?

You are then required to pick and choose 8 beauty samples from the wide array of beauty samples which will go into your personalised VT box. 

Once done you should receive this exiting self-pick trove within 7 working days. 

So in a nutshell...

Now have you heard of the wishlist? 

Want to be the first to try out new products that you've been wishing for? Add them to your wishlist, like the brand and the product! This helps you to unlock more samples, and when its released, you will be able to pick it!

You can also tell Vanity Trove how you feel about certain products by adding them to your beauty table and write a review

Whats more, I heard from Vanity Trove that they will introducing a new phrase of beauty discovery where you, as customers will be plugged into the latest happenings of the people you follow on Vanity Trove. You can read up on their reviews, see what products they like and have on their wishlist. You can also follow people of your interest to know what is up in their beauty regime. Its supposed to be just like facebook except its about beauty. 

I'm one of those persons!!! Look me up on Vanity Trove at for Marie Maman or Beautychatter! 

See you peeps soon! 

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