Friday 26 July 2013

Vanity Trove: Avene Event and Review ! [EVENT, SHOW and TELL, REVIEW]

Hi everyone, 

This is going to be a more upbeat post about Avene Workshop that I attended.

But before I tell you about what Avene is, I think you should watch this video. 

Avene is actually a region in France and as far as I know all of its products contains Avene Thermal Spring Water. 

Now... some facts you did not know about Avene

  1. Each can of Avene Thermal Spring Water contains only the actual Thermal Spring Water from Avene and carbon dioxide
  2.  The canister (or can) containing Avene Thermal Spring Water is specially made so that the mist released are very fine. 
  3. In 1891 Avene Thermal Spring Water was used as treatment of severe burns after the Great Fire of Chicago in the United States. 
  4. The Avene company has a  Hydrotherapy Centre in Avene which every year from April to October welcomes more than 2600 patients and provides exclusive medically-controlled treatments which treats complaints such as atopic dermatitis, chronic eczema, proriasis, burns, scarring problems and treatment after plastic or reconstructive surgery to name a few.
  5. Avene Thermal Spring Water can be used for sunburn, rashes, eczema, after surgery (even lazer surgery), to set makeup, itching, burns and wounds. 

PHEW... that was a mouth full and its only the tip of the iceberg. 

If you want more information about certain products visit the USA webpage here:

If you want the latest news and promotions in Malaysia visit their facebook page here:


The workshop was conducted on one sunny morning at an Italian Restaurant and Cafe called Cafe Barbera @ No.8, Lorong Maarof, 59000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The place was trendy and large and oh... does it serve a smooth cup of luxurious cappuccino. 

There were tons of Avene product to see at this workshop

And lastly... my new found product worship.... 

Eau Thermale Avene 
(or to us mere mortals.. Avene Thermal Spring Water)

Bloggers invited to this workshop were offered to have a hands on experience with Avene products.

 We each had a bowl, sponge, water and a set of products to use. 

These were the products that I got a chance to try. 

Participants in the mist of trying out the products and taking note

My table's participants... including me! 

PS: I tried taking a video at this event but it didn't turn out alright so this post will not have a video.  

I was so impressed by the Avene products that I got to try out that I was ready to go out and purchase some that particularly caught my eye. 

But at the end of this event I received a suprise! All the partipants got receive a customized Avene Box from Vanity Trove Malaysia! Each box has a mix of products that suits the participants skin be i t oily, dry, dehydrated, combination or acne. 

 This is my customised box! 

  Gentle Gel Clenser (Rinse off formula)
for normal to combination sensitive skin

Micellar Lotion (Cleanser and Makeup Remover) 
for sensitive skin and skin prone to redness
 25ml x bottles 

Cleanance (Lotion - Toner)
Purifying and Mattifying for oily, blemish prone skin

 Cleanance K  (Cream - Gel)
Exfoliating Hydrating for oily, blemish prone skin

Avene Thermal Spring Water
Soothing and softening for sensitive skin
150 ml

Dear Readers, I have to tell you.. 

I am now a convert and am absolutely, 100% in LOVE with Avene Thermal Spring Water! I've tried it out in every way possible. On cuts, bruises, inflammation,  puffy eyes (yes puffy eyes... I used it a lot when my grandmother passed away)

My face and eyes for some reason looks like it got punch and is super puffy. (I look like a blowfish or got sting by a bee)

But during the time that I used Avene Thermal Spring Water what you see in the picture above for once did not happen!!! I looked normal! 

I also used the spray for other inflammations and pimples on my face. 

BEFORE 1st wash

You can see that there is redness due to acne, irritation and pimples on my cheeks and chin. 

AFTER 1st wash

For the 1st wash I used every thing that Vanity Trove and Avene gave me in my customized box. That would be: 

  1. Micellar Lotion
  2. Gentle Gel Cleanser
  3. Avene Thermal Spring Water
  4. Cleanance (Lotion - Toner)
  5. Cleanance K

After 2 weeks of daily use, using only Avene Products...

The Review:

What are my other favorites from the box? 
Well second to the Avene Thermal Spring Water, I really really love the Gentle Gel Cleanser and Micellar lotion. 

Avene Thermal Spring Water
So in love with this. This is in all of Avene's products and the one I love the most. More details above. Nothing bad to say and everything good. A super plus for adding it to my daily routine permanently (most likely forever) ^_^

Cost: Avène Thermal Spring Water
50ml spray….. RM 19.00
150ml spray….. RM 39.00

300ml spray….. RM 55.00

Gentle Gel Cleanser
This product is non sticky and if you have a non-sensitive face and do not use makeup of any kind (including sunblock) then this would be the only product you could possibly need for cleansing. After wash it does not leave the face feeling dry.

Micellar lotion
This is essentially a makeup remover. It removes light mascara even though its waterproof. (remember light mascara. It would not remove the heavy duty type mascara). This product works best if you only have light makeup on. At the event, for my foundation I needed nearly half the bottle (that is a whopping 20ml) to remove my makeup and 12 square pieces of cotton. However if you're willing to shell out the money then this product would be the best because even though I used so much product and took some time to completely remove my makeup it did not irritate my face during the process nor did my face show any signs of irritation after. 

What about the other 2 products? 
Well the Clearance series did work but only minimally compared to the others products I tested. However it has come to my attention that Avene has a stronger product in their line that better treats acne and a scar cream. 

However this line can only be purchased through a dermatologist in Malaysia. I'm trying to see if I can find out which dermatologist carry this product. If any of you know where I can get it do let me know in the comment box below. 

A quick look on the Avene products I received again: 

This is the list of product to get to suit your skin type:
Please save this picture if you want to closely look at it. I'm hoping to get a download link installed if I can. 

Alright readers, that's all for this post, hope you liked it. Please let me know in the comments if any of you have tried out any products.

PS: Do stay tuned for a more through review of individual Avene Products.


  1. Hi Michelle! Nicole and I sat with you at the same table, hehe~ It's too bad that your video didn't make it into the blog post though, I was kidna curious how it'd be like. :D

    1. Lol I was hoping it would turn ok too. But it was too yellow and everything I did, did not help. So instead of putting a very poor video out I choose to opt out.



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