Thursday 1 August 2013

Vanity Trove July 2013 Malaysia Special Edition :Infinite Youth is Possible with Kose... What did I receive in the box? [SHOW and TELL]

Hi everyone, 

I know this is super duper late... but this box arrived shortly after my grandmother passed away and I just couldn't bear to think much of it.

Illogical reasoning I know for what could this poor innocent box could have done but arrived at the wrong time. 

I've used the products some and I've taken the pictures to show you what goodies there are inside but for some reason I found it so hard to write about.

So... here it is. Late but surely there, in a blogger's collaboration with Vanity Trove, I now present you.... for the month of July 2013 the theme for Vanity Trove Malaysia Edition is

Infinite Youth is Possible with Kose

As you all now know.. all the products in this Trove is from Kose. 

1st up:

Pure Advance Oil Cleansing Gel
RM 119.00 (120g)
2nd up:

Pure Advance Clear Up Wash
RM 99.00 (120g)

3rd up:

Pure Advance Essence Lotion II
30ml/1 Fl Oz
RM 169.00 (160ml)

4th Up:

Pure Advance Serum II
30ml/1 Fl Oz
RM 169.00 (120ml)

5th up:

Pure Advance Eye Jelly
1ml/0.04 Fl Oz
RM 180.00 (20g)

6th Up:

Pure Advance Deep Protection UV
With SPF 50+/PA++++
Guards skin from UVA and UVB rays
RM 118.00 (30g)


I'm really really sad now that I did not get the opportunity to redeem the voucher and get the consultation.


Interesting, I got to try out quite a number of the Infinity Kose line. Not an opportunity that comes along often especially with such big testers. 

Since this is the usual mix of items I really cannot comment one was or the other except that the choice and mix of skin care items was really good combo for someone trying out a new range. 

Till we see each other again..
Marie XXX

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