Saturday 17 August 2013

Etude House : Precious Mineral Any Cushion with SPF 50+/PA++ [REVIEW, VIDEO]

Hi my lovelies, both guys and girls,

I was offered a lovely opportunity by Etude House to review and test out one of their new product! The  Precious Mineral Any Cushion Foundation with SPF 50+/PA++ 

Now before we go on I want to make it clear to all my dear readers that I was not paid to do this review. This item was given to me to try and write about it, good or bad. My opinions and judgement on this product are my own and is not influenced in any way.

Now...let get on to Any Cushion

WHAT was the Idea?

Precious Mineral Any Cushion is a easy, fast, perfect anytime anywhere makeup that provides a satin finish while keeping moist inside.

WHAT is the Concept?


Hyaluronic Acid : allows deep moisturising and watery texture to the skin

Sebum Control Powder: prevents greasy skin

Pearl Powder : has niacin amide which is effective for whitening and makes skin clean and clear.


Unique to Etude House's Any Cushion, the product uses a optimal holder called "foaming urethane foam". What is this? Well its the sponge in the compact that releases the foundation. The formula is patented will not separate and will evenly spread in the pores through micro-fine distribution. The container is also air tight.

Any Cushion Foundation comes with a unique air puff. 

Which allows for thin and perfect application. It also minimises the absorption of product into the puff which prevents wastage of product and keeps it clean longer. Its made of Rubycell and Polyurethane.

How to use the air puff? 

  1. Coat the puff with product by lightly pressing the puff into the sponge. Imagine lightly "stamping" your face.
  2. Use light patting motions across the face (do not rub or buff the product into your face)
  3. Start at larger areas such as cheeks and forehead.
  4. Then move to smaller sections of the face such as chin and nose.
  5. For areas that need more coverage go back and lightly "stamp" over the area again until ideal coverage is achieved. 
  6. Want it sheerer? Soak the puff in water or spray with a water mist before using. 
How to Clean the Puff? 
I will You can use brush cleaners (that do not contain alcohol) or mild detergent to wash. Make sure the puff is completely dry before reusing.

What I observe with the product... tried and tested. 



I know... I know... I look a bit crazy here... 
I'm sorry but this is the only picture :'(
  1. It's easy to carry, apply and reapply. 
  2. Great for beginners in Makeup! 
  3. Not cakey when you reapply and fast too. 
  4. Its 2 in 1. Both foundation and sunscreen (sunblock)
  5. It gives a soft satin finish 
  6. Its smooth and flawless
  7. It feels light weight on the face even though I did apply a fair to thick amount in certain areas to cover my pimple scars.
  8. Its non drying. My face didn't feel like it was drying out even though I applied it on at 10am in the morning and had it on my face to 9pm at night. 
  9. Staying power! 
  10. No transfers! I use an iPhone and had to answer the phone several times a day. Very minimal to no transfer to the screen at all! LOVE that ^_^ (can't tell you how much I hate wiping my phone off [from the foundation] after using it every-time.
  11. About a months worth of product if used daily and regularly.
  12. Must be kept completely closed to avoid the product drying out. 
  13. Great for skin that gets red easily, it has that cooling effect.
  1. Not in my colour... I look so white! (but darn it I love everything about it otherwise)
  2. No refills available in Malaysia at the moment even though its a refillable type. 

Available in:

Natural Beige 

Honey Beige

My skin type is oily to combination with a little acne. So I would suggest the following only if you have any troubles: 

A light dusting of loose powder to set for oily skin. 

Just patting with a tissue for acne skin. 
Spraying a facial mist before or after (or both) applying Any Cushion Foundation.
You don't need it. ^o^

NRP: RM 109.90
Net Weight: 15g

Ok guys that all! Hope you love my review. Since its so much light I will be giving this to my mom. I'll see if she's willing to let me post a picture of her using this. 

Have different thought? Let me know in the comments below! Muah**

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